"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth

Welcome to the web site of Unfolding Movement, the non-profit organisation that we, Nancy en Edo, set up to communicate our love of the 5Rhythms®. We can't imagine life without this practice, and we gladly bring you into movement, so that you can experience yourself what it can offer to your life. Take a (regular) look at this web site, and don't hesitate to let your body taste one of our classes, and to let us know your experience or discoveries.

The 5Rhythms® are an international movement, started by Gabrielle Roth, an American woman with a passion for dance and how it can be used to free ourselves. We have some twenty colleagues in Belgium, and hundreds world-wide. Therefore we chose to not only publish our own activities on this web site, but also a selection of activities of our (inter)national colleagues, as an example of what is available. You'll also find references to the Belgian and international agendas.

The 5 Rhythms and PRH

Some of you know that, as well as the 5Rhythms® we have both, for many years, engaged in another practice, that of personal growth using the PRH method. This (also international) organisation employs an approach whereby we investigate our inner sensations more deeply through carefully finding the words which express them, which we would then speak out or write down and then possibly share with others. Both practices complement each other exquisitely and encourage us to be as true as we can be about what is happening in us and to follow it. Upon the invitation of PRH, we will give two residential workshops together next Summer from 18 to 24 July 2020 in Kortenberg. Nancy joins Annick Jossa to offer the workshop ‘Vanuit beweging vrijer worden in mijn levensdynamiek’, for people who are already experienced in PRH, and Edo joins Patrick Jossa in the workshop ‘Vanuit beweging mijn innerlijke kracht ontdekken’, open for everyone. If this speaks to you and you’d like to know something more about PRH, then we can recommend to you a free introductory activity to you: ‘Een kwestie van veerkracht’, which PRH is offering in September/ October, across the whole of Flanders.


On Wednesday 2 October, our next closed group starts in Neeroeteren. In September, our colleague from Brugge, Katrien Mazijn, teaches the joint Fitopia class. End of September, Tammy Burstein gives a Cycles workshop in Amsterdam.