"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth

The rhythm of stillness has a quality of letting everything be, connecting to the source, contemplation, inclusiveness, connection, wholeness… like the ocean on the one hand and the source (well, spring) on the other, or like when the leaves finally fall from the tree and the new buds begin to form.

For me (Nancy), stillness is the rhythm, the energy, which holds all the other rhythms. At any point I can go back to it, use it as a resource, a refuge, like going back to the spring, the source and bathing in its waters which give succour and replenishment. It is underneath all the other rhythms, holding with big arms and any of the other rhythms can come out when I’m moving in the stillness phase of the wave - quite often for me, tremors of chaos come out in my stillness dance. Stillness for me is also a time to practise letting in a little more the totally unconditional acceptance and holding that that web of ether unendingly offers. The image (and sometimes seeing a glimpse of) of the almost invisible web of ether, delicate, yet strong like lace with sprinklings of sparkles, is really helpful for me and it helps me come more to some stillness and trust inside. It also very gently brings me to a feeling of being a welcome part, maybe crumb or slice, of this big cake we call existence. - Yes there can be humour and laughter in stillness, in stillness - as Gabrielle said, not being too reverent or even being irreverent.

I (Edo) now see how this rhythm connects me in a fundamental way to scientists, researchers and other seekers of truth, like the founders of PRH and 5Rhythms®. I experience it in my cogitations in those domains, in my curiosity about the origins of life on earth, in my need for contemplation and tranquility, in my desire to become a whole person, in my love for humanity and for Life.

You can find a more detailed account in Gabrielle’s book 'Maps to Ecstasy', and in chapter 8 of her book 'Sweat Your Prayers'.