"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth
Edo Kesteloot
Waves teacher
0497 053 015
Miscellaneous Information:

I have been practising dance and movement intensively since 1998. First with Kaatje Verbrugge in Antwerp, and since 2004 through the 5Rhythms, with Belgian and international teachers, with the founder and her close collaborators. This took me all over Flanders and Brussels, to Orval, to England and as far as the USA.

The 5Rhythms invite me to freely express myself, they teach me a lot about myself, and I found my wife, Nancy, through them. I am very grateful to Gabrielle, who discovered the 5Rhythms, articulated them, and gave them to the entire world. I finally graduated at her Moving Center School as a 5Rhythms Waves teacher. That makes me one of the nearly 20 people teaching this practice in Belgium.

Living in Brussels, I teach together with my wife in Herent (near Leuven) and Diest. I've got a scientific background, I work as a many-sided IT professional, since 1997 I use the tools offered by PRH for personal and relational growth, I like to mentor people in all sorts of areas, and I enjoy since 2005 the wonder of being together with Nancy.