"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth

The flowing rhythm has characteristics of receiving, welcoming, attuning, following, acknowledging, recognising... like a rivulet beginning from the source, the spring, which just follows gravity through the ups and downs of the landscape and so begins to stream forth; or like the buds of leaves and blossoms of a tree, feeling out and slowly, but surely unfurling.

My (Nancy’s) way of getting into flowing is through the ether of stillness, or sometimes through a bit of chaos - I can’t really start flowing just from “scratch”, that feels somehow artificial and pushing. I know some people who start it by being a bit staccato and still others who rather easily begin their journey in flowing. But once I’ve found my way to begin, it can be useful to allow myself to have a fast flowing, which can sometimes be a bit edgy .  Also when I start to follow whichever body-parts are calling my attention,  then the more continuous flowing may start to come in. With that I feel more the sense of gravity and the ground supporting me in my movement, whilst experiencing myself sinking more into my body.

I (Edo) can now see how my father exemplified  this energy for me. I experience it when I drive a car, in traffic queues or on winding lanes; when I follow the physical energy at my disposal while carrying out my activities; when I meet and adapt to what I encounter in my life; when I start a piece of research by collecting (a lot of) facts and figures.

You can find a more detailed account in Gabrielle’s book 'Maps to Ecstasy', and in chapter 4 of her book 'Sweat Your Prayers'.