"If you put the psyche in motion, it will heal itself." Gabrielle Roth

Closed Group

A closed group is a series of about 5-6 classes, usually about once a week, with a same group of participants for the whole. Nancy and Edo then alternate teaching every week. If you would miss a class at some point, that is no reason to not participate. We ask you to register to the series beforehand. In a closed group, we usually dive deeper into each of the five rhythms (one per class, within the whole of a wave), with some thread connection the classes in the series.

It is helpful to bring loose clothing, with multiple layers, so you can add or remove a layer when cold or hot. Certainly bring some drinking water to compensate for sweating. During a class, we usually dance continuously, sometimes with a short interruption. Follow your energy: move less when it becomes lower, move more when it comes back. And if you experience some limitations, know that within the 5Rhythms® you can move taking these limitations into account, whether they are temporary or rather permanent.